Questioning the motives of trailer park developers

Published 2:10 am Sunday, May 14, 2017

Unfortunately, the proposed trailer park development by Golden Wing, LLC (Hayden Alexander, Josh Matthews, Turner Barnes, and Dr. Andrew Ross) in Water Valley continues to be a serious issue for the people of Water Valley.

In March, Yalobusha General Hospital made an offer to buy the property from Golden Wing.  The offer was for more than the original purchase price (somewhere in the $180’s).  The hospital plan was to build an assisted living facility on the site.  However as reflected in their counter, the Golden Wing guys felt that they should be able to DOUBLE their money after owning the land for about eight months.         

This decision clearly demonstrates a couple of things. This project has always been about money — not “affordable housing.” Trailer parks are endeavors that prey on the poor (for background, see and   

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The other take away is that these guys apparently decided to be vindictive because of strong opposition.  Rather than accept the hospital’s offer a win for everyone they decided to attempt to blackmail us.              

While the city has approved Golden Wing’s plan for expansion of the park within the city limits; Ross, Alexander, Matthews and Barnes should not think this is a done deal.

The residents who have truly invested in our historic town will continue our opposition. And with city elections on Tuesday, they may be facing a different Board of Aldermen.                 

Charlotte Lane

Water Valley