Fat Eddie’s restaurant closes for good

Published 3:44 pm Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The City Grocery Restaurant Group has closed its Fat Eddie’s restaurant in Oxford.

Fat Eddie’s issued a social media statement today saying that the restaurant is closed for good.

“We were sad to announce, that after a good hard run we are having to close Fat Eddie’s permanently,” Fat Eddie’s said in a Facebook post.  “We deeply appreciate your support and could not be more sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Look for Eddie’s pop ups in the future. We may not have been able to make the location work, but Eddie is alive and well. Again, thank you.

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City Grocery Restaurant Group owner John Currence has been opening new locations of his Big Bad Breakfast restaurant in cities including Birmingham and a new Big Bad Breakfast is scheduled to open soon near Rosemary Beach along Highway 30A in the Florida panhandle.

Located at 1309 North Lamar, Fat Eddie’s was an American Italian themed restaurant. Previously at the same location The City Grocery Restaurant Group operated a barbecue restaurant at the location, after taking over Lamar Lounge. The barbecue restaurant was closed and changed over to Fat Eddie’s in late 2016.

“When we took over Lamar Lounge, we didn’t want to change anything about it,” Currence told the DMonline.com in 2016. “We very deliberately took a sort of hands-off approach to the service and the food and feel of the place and tried not to change anything,” Currence said. “We didn’t really fulfill the promise of providing what it is that we have become known for providing, as far as quality of service and caring and warmth. That was something that always struck me: You didn’t feel warm when you walked in here; people didn’t greet you like they do at our other restaurants.”