Get ready for a cool spell Oxford

Published 10:18 am Monday, June 5, 2017

The weather frequently becomes a topic when it is bad or less than desirable.

The recent rain and muggy days in the region have frustrated many hoping to get in outdoor events, including church meetings and baseball games, for example. But Mother Nature can surprise and delight us as well.

And that’s what we can expect in a couple of days: cool, crisp nights with sunny days and low humidity. It won’t even feel like June in Oxford beginning late Tuesday and lasting through Friday, since a cool front will push nighttime temperatures into the mid-50s.

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That’s right: the mid-50s.

During the day, many in North Mississippi may not even see 80 degrees.

And they say the South is oppressive this time of year.

That won’t be the case for three days this week when it will be perfect weather for everything you want to do outdoors, but if you stay out too late in the evening jackets will be required.

If too much of a good thing gets you down don’t worry. Our unusual, wonderful days of June won’t last too long and the Oxford area will be back to normal by Sunday, with temperatures creeping back to the mid-80s and our trademark summer humidity making a return.

Until then, our days this week beginning late Tuesday will be a rare treat that everyone can, and should, make the most of.