We take T.S. Cindy seriously

Published 10:50 am Wednesday, June 21, 2017

In Mississippi, we know big storms. From hurricanes Camille to Katrina with many in between, our state and region has taken many hard blows in the past century.

We also know from experience that while a tropical storm is no hurricane, the flooding and tornadoes that can be inflicted requires vigilance. Approaching Tropical Storm Cindy is no different.

It’s not the storm surge, expected at just three feet. Rather, the potential for flooding, winds, thunderstorms and tornadoes across a wide swath as the storm progresses from the coast inward in the next few days is what should get our attention.

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The current Tropical Storm Cindy path shows remnants of the storm impacting the Oxford region by Friday, with potential for heavy rain and storms throughout the day and into the night. By that point, Cindy should be no more than a tropical disturbance, but that’s enough to disrupt our lives if it lingers.

Forecasting two days out is tricky since tropical storm shifts in one direction or the another can have a lot to do with who gets the most rain and the biggest storms. Typically, the worst is on the right side of the energy center, and current models show our region will get a heavy soaking Friday.

Stay tuned to the weather and observe all warnings and hopefully Cindy will be gone in a flash.