Liberals need to quit whining about HB1523

Published 10:17 am Thursday, June 29, 2017

Your item “Freedom for All” had a strong Liberal bias. Something I’ve almost gotten used to; almost.

As for your Face Book page, your newsprint version quoted 3 pro HB 1523 people to 5 anti-HB1523 people. Your on-line version quoted 1 new pro person to 4 new anti-people. Between both versions, the journalistic slant was 4 conservatives to 9 liberals. So much for fair and balanced.

The 5th circuit was right and Liberals can’t stand it any more than Hillary’s loss, can they? You pro-LGBTQ folks failed to demonstrate how you have been “harmed”.  If a place of business has Christian owners that make you uncomfortable then go somewhere else. Vote with your wallet, not your ALCU lawyers. Stop your whining and quit misusing the law to force your beliefs on mine.

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Gay marriage was forced upon Christians by one SCOTUS Justice, not 9.  Justice Kennedy deliberately made the vote 5-4. He alone decided my 1st Amendment right to live by my religious convictions don’t count and must take a legal back seat to your misguided view that a marriage is not only between a man and woman. Now we’ll see if SCOTUS will rule HB1523 Constitutional. I’m betting they will.

Just yesterday they ruled that Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia, MO cannot be denied funds provided by a state-run program to re-surface a children’s playground with reprocessed scrap tires. The Missouri Constitution’s support of this unfair denial is an example of their wrong idea of “Separation of Church and State”. But in the court’s majority ruling Justice Roberts wrote “this denial of (state) funding violated the church’s rights under the free exercise clause of the Constitution because it worked as a direct discrimination against the church for being a church.” Notice the word “discrimination” AND who is being discriminated against.

LGBTQ’s have the same rights I have EXCEPT to use the law to force me to accept gay marriage. LGBTQs should be hired if they have the skills to do the job but if they become a negative distraction to other employee’s, business owners must retain the right to terminate them without fear of a lawsuit. Keep the law out of it.

For all you liberals, buck up. You’ve had your say. Now it’s time Justice Kennedy retired and our country can re-affirm its traditional values. Only then will we be “Great” again.

Harley Garrett