Oxford’s NoTime2Cook frozen casserole company has got the right recipe

Published 8:36 am Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We’re just over the top about the continued growth and success of NoTime2Cook, Oxford’s entrepreneurial frozen casserole company founded and operated by Karen Kurr.

The latest news is that Kurr and NoTime2Cook have landed a distribution with Walmart during the company’s annual Open Call event in Bentonville, Arkansas where companies come to make their pitch to be sold by America’s largest retailer.

Already, Kurr and NoTime2Cook were being sold in Kroger stores throughout the southeast and her company has become well-known to many customers for its Southern frozen dishes like chicken and dressing and chicken pot pie.

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We believe the future of Oxford’s industry growth will hinge largely on the success and growth of entrepreneurial companies like this, so we salute both the dream and the effort by Kurr to turn a passionate hobby into a thriving business.

By utilizing low-interest loans from sources like the Mississippi Development Authority and relying on cooking tastes and traits passed down from her mother, Kurr is growing a company that both has a personal touch and big ambition.

Both Kurr and her husband, Jeff, are quick to give thanks to God and family and friends for continued support.

We want to give thanks to the Kurr’s, for cooking up a wonderful Oxford small industry.