Tweet funny, but also valid

Published 8:35 am Thursday, July 13, 2017

In accusatory times like these, it is good to laugh.

That’s why we couldn’t help but chuckle at a tweet Wednesday from former Ole Miss quarterback Romaro Miller, moments after news came out that former Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt had filed a lawsuit against the University of Mississippi, with some particularly pointed accusations about current coach Hugh Freeze.

“Can I sue Houston Nutt for stealing $ from Ole Miss?” tweeted Miller, now an insurance agent in DeSoto County. “He owe me money for lack of effort. Dude literally quit!”

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That’s how Nutt has been remembered by many Rebel fans since he coached his last game here in 2011, culminating in a two-win season in which Ole Miss was outscored 140-26 in its last four games.

But that won’t be Nutt’s last moment in Ole Miss sports history. The former Rebel coach began a new one Wednesday by filling a long, detailed lawsuit against the university and its athletics department.

College coaching can be a difficult business, but Nutt was quite well compensated for his time in Oxford, earning millions of dollars. So, it is surprising that he has broken a code in the coaching fraternity and burned bridges with a former employer and a professional peer.

Some will also argue that it is surprising Ole Miss didn’t just apologize to Nutt publicly, as he asked earlier this year for any suggestions he had major responsibility for its NCAA debacle, making this whole thing go away before it got started. Others will argue that Miller has a point: Nutt’s fate in coaching was likely sealed by that final, sloppy 2011 season more than anything Hugh Freeze or Ole Miss did.

So we can thank Miller for giving a good laugh on a tough day in Rebel sports, and for making a valid point.