Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi leads the way in health care

Published 9:03 am Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Processes have taken a leading role at Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi in recent years.

By studying and implementing steps to reduce wait times and improve patient flow in its emergency room, for example, Baptist North Mississippi drastically improved its emergency care services.

Similarly, Baptist North Mississippi’s ambulance service has recently been recognized by the American Heart Association with a Gold Plus award for implementing quality improvement measures in the treatment of patients suffered from heart attack and making the right life-saving decisions.

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Such continual improvement is occurring at Baptist North Mississippi because the hospital, under the leadership of CEO Bill Henning, has made the careful study and implementation of processes that improve patient care and timing of care a top priority.

We’ve seen such process planning at work in the new Baptist North Mississippi facility that scheduled to open in November 2017 as well, and patients will get the benefit. By deeply involving current hospital staff in the design of the new hospital, patient flow is drastically improved and nurse walk time is drastically reduced.

In other words, nurses get more time with patients because they will spend less time walking up and down hallways due to good planning.

Such process implementation can seem like a mundane topic – unless you are the patient that benefits from the better care.

We appreciate the effort Baptist North Mississippi is making to provide the community with top-notch healthcare service.