Encouraging our teachers as school begins

Published 8:31 am Monday, July 31, 2017

It’s hard to believe that school time has arrived in Oxford, Lafayette County, and Water Valley.

It seems like we just celebrated the Fourth of July, but this coming week is the first day of classes in the 2017-2018 school year for area students. Oxford and Lafayette students start school on Friday, August 4, while Water Valley students have a first day of classes Monday, August 8.

That means teachers go back to work in just a couple of days, getting classrooms prepared and working in in-service training. We have no doubt they will be eager and ready since we have some of the best teachers in the entire region.

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But just because they are up for the challenge doesn’t mean that our support and encouragement isn’t needed. That’s why today, the Sunday before our community teachers start back to work, is a good time to say a prayer for them, and perhaps even reach out to those we know personally to let them know they are appreciated.

We appreciate the good and hard work they provide, teaching our students. We appreciate that they are some of the most skilled in the entire state. We appreciate that they are the backbone of our community.

And, we are so very thankful for them.