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Published 12:23 pm Friday, August 11, 2017

We are less than a week away from move-in days 2017 at Ole Miss, meaning this may be your last sort of quiet weekend in town.

We say sort of quiet because many students — upperclassmen in particular who live off campus — are already finding their way back to town. Those who lease homes and apartments in and around Oxford have been trickling in for several days now.

But it’s the move-in days that are the special moment in Oxford and on campus each year because that’s when a new class of freshmen arrive with parents, friends and family to deck out dorms and begin another chapter in their lives.

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This year, move-in days are Aug. 16-18, though some groups like band members will have early move-in days as soon as Monday.

Many in the Oxford community have made helping out during move-in days a tradition, a time to chip in to show students and their families support.

Ole Miss Vice Chancellor for Athletics Ross Bjork makes a habit each year of moving in students. Once he even got a nice tip, which he promptly donated to a women’s athletics team on campus.

Some churches help out, like Oxford-University United Methodist, coordinating volunteer efforts to make a hectic day easier for those moving in.

The time has almost arrived, days when Ole Miss springs fully back to life. We can hardly wait. But, we will also enjoy this last last sort-of quiet weekend.