Our View: Our darkest day found bright light

Published 11:02 am Monday, August 14, 2017

Few moments have been so dark and touching at once as the day one year ago when six Oxford residents died in a plane crash.

It’s a day we will never forgot, a quiet August Sunday that erupted with heartbreaking news that three couples — all parents of young children — had died in a plane crash while en route back to Oxford.

The lives of Dr. Jason Perry Farese, Dr. Lea Montgomery Farese, Dr. Michael Perry, Kim Perry, Dr. Austin Poole and Angie Poole were taken from us in an instant and we were left stunned and heartbroken.

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However, in that moment of tragedy the community came together, creating the longest prayer chain and outreached hands of support that made a difference.

We lifted up children, we helped families find hope, and we stood strong as a community in love and support.

Oxford shined on its darkest day.

One year later that has made all the difference as any family member of our deceased friends will tell you.

It’s these kinds of gifts in our darkest hours that make life so beautiful.

We will miss the six who departed one year ago when that plane went tragically down.

However, they will long be remembered — just as our community’s ability to come together in a great time of need will long be remembered.