Ole Miss, Mississippi State fans join forces to raise money for Houston flood victims

Published 6:11 pm Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Egg Bowl fan rivalry between Ole Miss and Mississippi State ain’t always pretty. But a Mississippi State’s fan fundraiser to help Houston flood victims is bringing fans together for a good cause.

Becca Crow launched the GoFundMe Thursday with a heartfelt message for fans of Mississippi’s SEC teams:

Hello folks…

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Football season is upon us and we all know how ugly our rivalry is right now.  It’s been a ride the last offseason and is sure to get even more intense.

EGGBOWL Twitter is a hilarious group of folks that love debating how bad the other school is in trouble and if the debate doesnt work, we resort to name calling.  We take our rivalry seriously and thats okay.

However, one thing we have in the title of our schools is Mississippi.  And as a fellow Mississippian, I know we care about each other at the end of the day.

Unspeakable despair and need has hit the Houston area in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  We need to STAND UP TOGETHER and do something to help out.  That is why I started this GO FUND ME.  I want us to contribute together.

Let me get this out of the way, the money will be donated to the JJ WATT Foundation.  You can rest easy knowing that every cent will go to his cause for the Houston area.  How do you know?  #1.  The thought of burning in hell is a huge turnoff for me.  #2. I will publically show the donation receipt on Twitter for us all to see.

We may not raise a dime, but we atleast need to try.  Let’s step up.  Even if its $2 to remind us State folks of the 3-2 Auburn debacle or $3 to remind us of those 3 imaginary National Championships Ole Miss claims.  Heck, $55.20 would be real cool…

So, lets give it a shot and show the rest of SEC Twitter we can come together.

HAILSTATE and Hotty Toddy!

At 6 p.m., two hours after Crow launched the campaign, the fundraiser reached nearly $1000 of the $3000 goal. If you’d like to donate, visit gofundme.com/eggbowl-twitter-for-houston