We’ll always remember 9/11

Published 9:44 am Monday, September 11, 2017

We will never forget 9/11.

How could we? In most of our lifetimes, we have never witnessed the United States under such vicious attack.

The morning began like any other American day and was picturesque if not for the hate circling, ready to attack.

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When the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center in New York we hoped it was a mistake. Soon we knew it was the worst kind of attack, using jet airplanes as weapons.

It was said that day that the world would change and we know 16 years later that it has changed indeed. Airline travel isn’t anything like it was before. The enhanced security is a hassle but it is beneficial.

We have become more suspicious of others, and others more suspicious of us. Sometimes, that’s healthy. Often, it is not.

The images of that day are seared into our minds and we will never forget the victims and families and friends that suffered that day and continued to suffer trauma.

We want to always give pause on the anniversary and remember those who died and those who provided heroic service in rescue and recovery.

We are thankful today for our freedom and safety and hope to never see another 9/11.