Cool, wet day ahead as Irma arrives

Published 10:49 am Tuesday, September 12, 2017

She’ll be paying us a visit all day today after arriving last night and stalling out to stay a bit.

Hard to complain about an inch or so of rain and one unusually cool day after what our friends in Florida went through. And she should be gone by mid-day Wednesday, moving up into Kentucky and Indiana.

We’re fortunate that Hurricane Irma didn’t cause the destruction she could have. The storm caused plenty of damage, and nobody in the Florida Keys or the Virgin Islands will tell you the hurricane didn’t live up to its billing.

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But hurricane damage is all about timing and direction of the strike. After pummeling the upper keys and taking a hard hit at Marco Island, Irma kept Tampa and St. Pete to its left side, alleviating considerable flooding potential.

If anything, the hurricane opened our eyes to the power of negative storm surge as the bay all but dried out from the storm’s power.

Most every Gulf Coast tropical storm or hurricane seems to eventually find its way to North Mississippi, its remnants giving us a dreary day or two with soaking rain and higher than normal winds.

Irma is no different, and here she is. Our trees and lawns will enjoy the visit, at least.