‘Little Grove’ bringing a taste of Ole Miss to Lafayette High School

Published 10:51 am Tuesday, September 12, 2017

By Turner St. Romain

Contributor to the EAGLE

Lafayette High School cheerleaders dance during a pregame tailgate before the Crosstown Classic on Friday.

In Oxford, tailgating is an art form and last Friday, Lafayette High School got in on the action as they put on their own tailgate for students and fans.

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“Coach (Greg) Lewis put this together,” Lafayette High School Principal Glenn Kitchens said. “It’s just a five’o clock tailgate for our students and faculty, and really anyone that wants to come by.”

The tailgate – dubbed the ‘Little Grove’, due to the small group of trees in front of LHS – is a first for the Commodores.

“It’s good just to bring the students closer together,” Lafayette High School Athletic Director Greg Lewis said, “You try to get them out to the football games…you want to try and them to where they’re all hanging out with each other.”

The tailgate plan is simple: trees, food and non-alcoholic beverages that are free of charge to the students.

It’s a gathering that LHS administration and faculty hope will continue into the future.

“It is a good place for the parents and teachers to come together as well as the students,” teacher Julie Gatlin said. “I think it should be a yearly tradition for every week. We would rather that our children be here safe than out and about in town.”

On Friday, just before kickoff of the Crosstown Classic between Lafayette and Oxford, a nice sized crowd formed around the tents, hanging out and supporting the Commodores before the game.

“I think it is good that we can come together and walk down together as a team to support our team,” student Emme Brown said. “It’s not like we’re individuals here, it’s that were united and a team.”

Lafayette High School plans to sponsor a ‘Little Grove’ tailgate before each of their home football games this season.