OPC pavilions can now be reserved for parties

Published 5:51 am Thursday, September 14, 2017

It’s little Johnny’s birthday and he wants a party at Avent Park. Invitations are handed out with the date and time. On the big day, you’re walking toward the pavilion juggling the cake and presents when you see another family has beaten you to the punch and another birthday party is already in full swing.

Those wishing to hold events at any of the pavilions at parks operated by the Oxford Park Commission have been able to do so free of charge; however, the pavilion space was on a first-come basis and reservations were taken to hold the space for a particular party or event.

However, starting Oct. 1, residents can now reserve a pavilion 30 days in advance of an event. The pavilion at Avent Park can be reserved for $35 an hour. Smaller pavilions at Price Hill Park and Garden Terrace can be reserved for $20 an hour. All reservations require a $50 security deposit. A security guard will be provided to make sure the pavilion is left open during the rental period.

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“A reservation isn’t required,” said OPC Director Seth Gaines. “People can still use the pavilions as they do now at no charge but on a first-come basis and there is no guarantee others won’t be using the pavilions.”

Another change to OPC’s facility rental policy includes requiring a 30-day notice for all events wishing to reserve space at any of OPC’s facilities, including Stone Center and Activity Center.

Gaines said the 30-day period is to give time for the OPC Board of Directors time to approve all rentals.

The OPC board approved the changes to the rental policy on Wednesday during their regular meeting.