The human spirit cannot be broken

Published 8:54 am Thursday, September 21, 2017

We sometimes forget how powerful the forces beyond our control can be.

In the past month or so, we have been reminded. There was Hurricane Harvey, with its devastating flooding. Then came a deadly earthquake in Mexico. Hurricane Irma followed, all but flattening the Florida Keys and striking fear throughout Florida. Another earthquake, this time more deadly, rattled Mexico, at the same time Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.

The images of schoolchildren trapped in rubble in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico has been both heartbreaking and inspiring, and indicative of our emotions throughout all of the recent natural events. It’s hard to fathom more than 20 children dying in an earthquake, their school collapsing upon them.

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But there are survivors, and dedicated volunteers working stone by stone into the night to follow faint sounds in hopes of finding wiggling toes.

We have been impressed how Mexico has rallied, just like Americans rallied in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. But we admit to being awestruck at the recent power of these natural forces that have delivered one hard blow after another to different states and countries.

We work hard to control our own destinies but are shown just like that how little power we actually have. When that happens, the greatest strength we can muster resides in our abilities to join and work together in a determined quest to find wiggling toes.