Bid Day returns to Ole Miss

Published 8:55 am Friday, September 22, 2017

The open weekend for Ole Miss football usually means one thing this time of year: It’s time for fraternity and sorority bid day.

With thousands active in Greek organizations on the Ole Miss campus, we’ve learned through the years that bid day is a big deal. What once was a moment for freshman and the actives that recruited them is now a time when parents and friends come to town for the big moment, lighting up social media with news of the latest pledges.

There’s always some heartbreak, but the system, with continual improvements by the university, works better despite the large numbers who participate each year.

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Greek organizations sometimes get a bad name but we get to see the many positives of relationships and leadership that emerge and understand the excitement that comes each year with bid day.

Lifelong friendships will emerge, along with philanthropic energy.

Nothing is every perfect. Diversity is always challenging. So is having to say no to some who want to participate.

But the power of these associations has also been one of the university’s strengths over the years.

So we’re looking forward to a successful bid days this weekend on the Ole Miss campus, and welcome parents and friends in town to get in on the action.