One last tribute to Lake Elliott

Published 9:46 am Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Longtime Oxford resident Lake Elliott knew how to throw a party.

Now we know she also had a keen sense of timing to leave the party.

We celebrated Elliott’s 105th birthday last week with family and friends of the community in a Page 1 story in the newspaper. We ran a column on Sunday that further celebrated her life, noting how the former first lady of Oxford had become the second oldest person in the state of Mississippi.

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Almost immediately thereafter, she passed away. It was as if she had given us one last moment to celebrate and then she knew it was time to go.

None of us live forever, of course. We do hope to make a dent in the world like Lake Elliott did.

She was an anchor of many civic clubs in the community and a pillar in First Baptist Church of Oxford for decades. Lake Elliott was even named Miss Oxford, back in 1935, and she helped launch the Women’s Forum in 1948.

And so much more.

Among family and friends she was best known for how she enjoyed serving as a host, having friends and clubs and out-of-town guests visiting Oxford to her home.

Last week, she was the host one last time. And then, she left on a high note with impeccable timing.