Area schools just keep getting better

Published 8:52 am Monday, October 23, 2017

Our schools in Lafayette County and Oxford have never been better.

And yet they are getting better all the time.

It is a hallmark of the community, and one worth giving thanks for to the many teachers, administrators, staff and parents who make it happen.

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Consider that both Lafayette High School and Oxford High School received “A” report cards in the latest ratings from the Mississippi Department of Education for the 2016-2017 school year.

The high schools graduate in excess of 85 percent and have test scores that are among the top in the state.

That’s a big win for Chargers and Commodores.

Overall, Oxford schools continued in the top handful in the state top-to-bottom and Lafayette schools improved their score year-over-year. Oxford School District scored an overall “A” while Lafayette School District scored an overall “B.”

We also love the fact that while most school systems would be celebrating an overall score like Lafayette’s, Superintendent Adam Pugh says they won’t be satisfied until the overall “A” grade is met.

There are improvements to make, of course, in both school systems. But the effort is being made. But let’s thank all stakeholders who are making our schools great.

Their work is appreciated.