Ghosts and goblins will be about tonight in Oxford

Published 10:32 am Tuesday, October 31, 2017

It’s Halloween, y’all.

So, get your goblins dressed up. Or, get your big bowl of candy out, and let’s do it, Oxford style.

We have long had a special small-town charm at Halloween. Children and families trick-or-treat our streets in full costumes with happy hearts and open arms, taking in lots of goodies.

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Some homeowners reward them each year by doing it large, creating mini-fantasylands that welcome and turn our town into a spooky amusement park.

We appreciate the homes along North Lamar and South Lamar that set the standard, creating well-decorated themes and venues that welcome hundreds of trick-or-treaters each year.

There are also streets like North 11th, which may be the best trick-or-treating street in America with its participation and quaintness.

On most Halloweens, Oxford is safe and sound but it never hurts to practice prudence. Approach only homes with lights on, be careful crossing streets, don’t let unaccompanied youth out beyond a reasonable hour.

Nothing good happens then, of course.

Otherwise, the weather looks like it will hold this evening, with forecasted showers not approaching until after midnight. And, temperatures are cool enough that you shouldn’t have a bunch of sweaty goblins at the door

So, let’s enjoy Halloween 2017.