Winter’s a winner in my book

Published 10:45 am Monday, November 13, 2017

There’s only a handful of days I look forward to every year — the day the first Ole Miss football game is played, Oscar Sunday, Halloween, Christmas and the day I notice the temperature beginning to drop signaling winter to wake up again.

When it’s cold, the air smells cleaner, we get to break out our cool winter jackets and getting out of bed every morning is a little bit easier.

OK, I’m hot-natured. I’d rather shiver than sweat. I can find ways to get warm, but there is only so much you can do when the sun is frying eggs on the sidewalks.

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The thing about being cold is, it’s much more manageable than when you’re hot — you have solutions that can help you find that level of comfort — you can layer up, throw on a coat, some wool socks or a hoodie and you’re good to go.

If it were up to me, the temperature in my house would stay around 65 — much to my wife’s disapproval. If it were up to her, and it is 95 percent of the time, it wouldn’t get below 75. My wife hates being cold. And she hates that I prefer the cold. It’s to the point where every time I try to discretely turn down the thermostat, and she hears that air click on, I’ll hear, “It better not be below 70.” Luckily, I have those vows she told me on our wedding day to remind me that, even though she chose to marry Frosty the Snowman’s cousin, she does, in fact, accept who I am.

I may be in luck this winter. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts it will be rainier and slightly cooler than normal. My wife is dreading it like college finals, but reading that makes me want to throw a party.

I’ll even buy the blankets.

Taylor Watkins is a graphic designer and social media manager at the EAGLE. You can reach him at