Workforce housing much needed in Oxford

Published 9:41 am Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Plans underway for two new workforce housing developments in Oxford is good news.

With a total development expected to reach near $20 million, the workforce housing could provide needed solutions to our growing community.

Real estate has been part of the boom Oxford, as we have become one of the South’s fastest growing cities. But as demand has risen, so has the cost of housing. Our rents have soared along with houses prices so that affordable living options here have dwindled.

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A growing community has workforce needs, however, meaning that workforce and affordable housing is vital to a healthy and vibrant future.

This isn’t so-called government housing, by the way. This is housing for people who are generally working and paying rent. The key is that it is affordable in part from federal housing tax credits.

Most any business or major entity here says that its ability to recruit and hire workforce is impacted by the limited availability of housing. For Oxford to continue growing as a well-rounded community workforce and affordable housing is necessary.

We are pleased to see this development underway and hope to see more in the future.