Robert Jordan has made the community a better place

Published 9:10 am Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Robert Jordan is retiring from the University of Mississippi after 33 years of shooting photographs.

We are excited for Robert, who plans to do things in retirement that will make us all jealous — playing some golf, reading books, and yes, taking more photographs.

But, we must say that we will miss him, professionally and personally on the job day-to-day. He is an outstanding photographer. And, he is a quality person whose attitude and patience has both eloquently captured Ole Miss while simultaneously lifting up the university.

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Robert has been synonymous with our own EAGLE photographer Bruce Newman in many respects. Robert anchored the university; Bruce anchored the community, and together they have been the eyes of our so-called center of the universe.

For three decades, you knew that one or the other had it covered.

Bruce has always been quick to note Robert’s talent, character, and likeability and for three decades has given his professional peer the highest praise.

Everybody feels that way about Robert. He is the consummate pro and makes our community a better place.

We’re glad that Robert will be taking photographs in the future, for fun, and look forward to seeing him in the community. And, we are grateful for his three decades of exemplary service.