Card skimmer found at Oxford gas station

Published 4:08 pm Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A credit card skimming device was discovered at an Oxford gas station Monday night, according to the Oxford Police Department.

The skimming device was located at the Marathon Gas Station on South Lamar Blvd. last night.

“We would like to disseminate this information to all and feel free to spread the message to others,” said a statement on the OPD Facebook page Tuesday.

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A credit card skimmer has the ability to remove credit card information from the user after inserting their personal credit or debit card. The information can then be recovered by the perpetrator who installed the device by utilizing Wi-Fi access.

Skimmers are usually undetectable from the outside of a gas pump or ATM. The device at Marathon was uncovered once the service door was opened by technicians. Scammers usually place skimmers on the pumps farthest away from the storefront to avoid being seen.

OPD recommends the following tips to avoid falling victim to skimmers:

  • Check for tampering: If you notice anything odd around the credit card slot like a different color or type of material, alert an employee or police.
  • Wiggle everything: Skimmers placed on the outside of the machine will often be loose. If something has been placed inside the machine, the door may have been tampered with and could be damaged or loose.
  • Stay aware: Look at other gas pumps or ATMs around you and make sure they all look the same. When you enter your PIN, make sure you cover the keypad like someone is standing over you watching.
  • Online banking: Check your bank account transactions or credit card statements frequently. If you notice charges that you didn’t authorize, report it to your bank or credit card company.