Running Santa a unique Oxford tradition

Published 10:36 am Friday, December 15, 2017

Oxford’s running Santa is our hero.

He is uniquely Oxford, and we’re over the top about it this time each year.

There’s no other way to say it. Every city should be so fortunate.

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The tradition started by Bret Beachamp eight years ago delights Oxford residents and guests who see him running the city streets in a full Santa costume. Cars honk, he waves back.

It brings joy to adults and children alike.

Last season, of course, Oxford’s running Santa needed some helpers after Beauchamp was injured in a fall from his rooftop.

Yes, Santa actually fell from his rooftop. But, he recovered, and this year Oxford’s running Santa is back, full steam ahead.

Such creativity, uniqueness, and community spirit are qualities that give Oxford a flair and distinction from other places.

Everybody has the holidays. Not everybody has a running Santa. And if they do, he’s not as good as ours.

We are delighted at how Oxford lights up in decorations and spirit this time of year. Helping hands are on every corner. Joy is spread liberally. And Santa is taking another healthy, daily jog.

We’re glad Bret Beauchamp is back on the job, and we’re thankful that Oxford has both character and characters to bring it to life.