This Christmas, we are thankful for all of you

Published 7:16 am Sunday, December 24, 2017

When we started making a list of everything we are thankful for this Christmas you were at the top of our list.

You, dear readers, are the greatest gift we have in Lafayette County and Oxford.

And that’s saying something since we are truly blessed.

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But, a community is at its best when it has an informative place to unite. When we look at our subscription lists, we see diversity. We see older neighbors. We see young families. We see people who identify themselves as conservatives. We see people who identify themselves as liberals.

We even see people who consider themselves Mississippi State fans.

No, not everybody in Oxford is a Rebel.

The one unifying factor is that the vast majority of our readers put community first among these things listed above.

For that, we are thankful.

Just because a community is growing doesn’t mean its newspaper is growing in accord. We see cities all across America that are getting bigger while their newspaper is getting smaller.

But we have a different story to tell, and that’s because of you.

It’s well known that Oxford and Lafayette County residents like to be enlightened. We are pleased to provide a forum, and we are so thankful for your giving us that gift.