The GOP hasn’t surrendered their agenda

Published 8:38 am Tuesday, January 2, 2018

To the Editor:

Mr. Shannon’s opinion article in the December 28th EAGLE shows what a problem we have within our political system.  He, like many others, are so filled with anger and hate that nothing can get done in Washington.

Representatives and senators who share Mr. Shannon’s attitude become people who are impossible to work with for the common good. They refuse to compromise or work with anyone other than those of the same far right mindset.  His “Bannon type” anger even spills over into the leadership of his own party.

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I believe those like him would be happier simply withdrawing from the Republican Party and forming their own splinter political movement.  They should no longer call themselves Republicans.  They are an embarrassment to other Republicans which is the reason why those like George Will and Bill Kristol have had to leave the party.

To answer Mr. Shannon’s question in the title of his article, the GOP has not surrendered their agenda to the left. For example, look at how many times they have tried and failed to repeal the ACA? (Obamacare) This, like most of the GOP agenda, including the recent tax bill, is disliked by a majority of Americans.  It is an agenda designed to appease and appeal to big business and big money.  No, they have not surrendered their agenda, they simply cannot get it passed because of its unpopularity, even among some Republicans in Congress and many Republicans throughout America.

Thank you for publishing Mr. Shannon’s article.  It serves as a reminder of the systemic problem within our political system.

David Smith

Batesville, Miss.