Protest march planned in protest of Trump’s comments

Published 6:26 am Saturday, January 13, 2018

In response to comments allegedly made by Pres. Donald Trump Thursday, some Lafayette County residents will be marching on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in protest of the President’s statements.

The protest march will take place at 10 a.m. in what’s known to locals as the “Perfect Circle” on County Road 115 that runs in front of the Gordon Community and Cultural Center, which is organizing the event.

Board member Janice Carr said local African American church leaders have pledged their support and to help spread the word about the march. Other groups participating are the Wisewoman: Diversity Inclusion and Interracial Collaboration Group and the local Democratic Party.

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However, Carr said the march is open to anyone who wants to join in support of protesting Trump’s comments.

“We have had tremendous response and support,” Carr said Friday. “Most people had heard about the comments but didn’t know how to express to the world the hurt and pain they felt hearing those words – not just one time but ever since Trump came visible on the world stage as a candidate to entering the White House.”

Trump came under fire Thursday after several Senators reported Trump made comments during a meeting on immigration where he insulted Haitians and made derogatory statements about African nations. Trump has denied making the comments.

Carr said she chose Monday for the march as it’s a holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.’s work and those who gave their lives for freedom.

“Donald Trump is eroding that freedom,” she said.