Expect the snow to stick around for a couple of days

Published 9:40 am Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This wasn’t exactly a snowstorm. Typically, even in these parts, a snowstorm qualifies as several inches or more.

But this was a bona snow shut down and photo opp. It wasn’t one of those wet, heavy snows we more often get in these parts but a cold, dry downfall like you see on a ski lift in Colorado.

Our temperatures are unusually cold today, far below normal with highs only in the low 20s. So, pretty much all snow that feel freeze, be it on streets or sidewalks.

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That’s why the snow that did fall shut Oxford down today. And, it is going to be here a couple of days. With temperatures dipping into single digits tonight, this snow 2018 snow will be remembered more for its extreme winter conditions than depth.

We can’t help but deliver the essential advice, particularly in regard to the cold. Children will play in the snow today and that’s a good thing but with temperatures so cold it will be important to pay attention to toes and fingers.

As for the rest of us, driving today and tonight isn’t a great idea unless necessary. By tomorrow afternoon the sun will be out and even though temperatures won’t rise above freezing main roads should begin to clear out.

Be safe. Stay warm. And, share some good photos. Oxford always does like pretty in white.