Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to ice, snow

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Someone asked during the recent snow and ice if it was always this way, with most everything in town shutting down with accumulation.

No, not really. We seem to be getting more conservative about safety and that’s probably a good thing.

Let’s take Ole Miss as an example. Several decades ago it was more of a surprise when the university closed for a few inches of ice or snow. Because more students lived on campus, perhaps, the idea was to try and remain open for those who could get there.

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Therefore, it wasn’t unusual for Oxford and Lafayette schools to be canceled but Ole Miss open for classes.

It’s a different day, however, and few companies or institutions want to make employees or students feel pressured to travel when conditions are less than completely safe. Thus, we live in an era of more cancellations.

On Tuesday, Oxford got just less than 1.5 inches of snow but most everything was closed. Some banks were open just a few hours. Starbucks closed for the day. And yes, Ole Miss and all area schools were closed.

Yes, that’s more extreme than it once was. But, considering the conditions, accidents were light yesterday. Sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry.