Pop Up Oxford mark of collaboration by many

Published 6:55 am Sunday, January 21, 2018

Collaboration is often the key to a good community.

That’s one reason Pop Up Oxford is becoming a valuable annual series of events. Beginning this weekend and continuing for a week, the second annual Pop Up Oxford is hosted by Visit Oxford, working closely with organizations like the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council.

Since this is the so-called slower season for Oxford, before everything hits full steam in late winter and spring, the timing is perfect for this eclectic collection of the arts that provides something for just about everyone.

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It is a good vision that results in something uniquely Oxford.

But, back to the collaboration.

Visit Oxford is the roof of this house, if you will and organizations like YAC provide plenty of foundation. Take the Fiber Arts Festival as one example. Now in its eighth year, this event already had a following but now it connects with other arts events, gaining more momentum.

Here’s another good example: The Small Hall concert series and songwriting contest. It’s held in a small, personal venue but it has a big reward. The winner gets a slot on the popular Thacker Mountain Radio Hour, more evidence of groups working together to support the arts.

Pop Up Oxford is a winning vision and we love to see such collaboration in the arts.