Lessons to be learned from Nassar trial

Published 9:15 am Friday, January 26, 2018

The news can be so horrible at times that it is difficult to watch or read. But tuning in is important so that we can learn and hope to avoid such horrors in the future.

That’s the case with the Larry Nassar sexual abuse trial and sentencing. This unfathomable behavior of a trusted gymnastics coach who abused more than 100 young girls over many years in Michigan is one of the most difficult stories to grasp in years.

That it happened in Michigan doesn’t make it easier to digest. That it happened anywhere is a heinous crime.

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Fortunately, the judge presiding over the recent hearing understands the damage Nassar inflicted upon young girls, most of whom are now women – bold, courageous women. The judge let the victims speak, providing a forum that helped send Nassar away for a very long time while hopefully helping victims heal.

It’s a coincidence that the Nassar crimes came to full light in the midst of the #MeToo movement. But the timing is valuable because it helps remind us that far too many young girls and women have been abused. Far, far too many.

We hope that publicity from Nassar’s sentencing will send a message to other would-be abusers: Every unspeakable act has a victim on the other side.