Parking garage on Square sorely needed

Published 7:58 am Wednesday, January 31, 2018

We have been reminded in the past week why the City of Oxford is building a parking garage.

Finding a place to park on the Square these days can be quite difficult, particularly during peak hours.

Nobody really wants a parking garage per se. If handling demand of all the people that want to reach downtown Oxford could be done any other way, it likely would. But the city had the spot for the garage and soon it will become a reality.

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In early January, one could be confused that it isn’t needed.

But in late January, once the Ole Miss students are back in full swing, we were entertained watching cars one day circle the Square during lunch hour looking for places to park. They would swing from behind Nielsen’s to around four corners, pass First Baptist Church, and eventually re-enter the Square, making endless loops.

The carbon dioxide alone was enough to take one’s appetite.

We hope one day that biking around town will be more of a thing. We also hope more developed districts will alleviate some pressure on the Square. But, the reality is that we understand that a parking garage is needed.