Rebels will soon have a new basketball coach

Published 10:25 am Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ole Miss will play the late game tonight in the SEC men’s basketball tournament, filling the last-place seed (14th) as a lost season comes to an end.

The Rebels (12-19) would have to win over five consecutive days to reach postseason play, which isn’t impossible but highly unlikely. At some point, tonight or tomorrow, the Ole Miss basketball season will end with little notice and the future of the program will begin.

Ole Miss Vice Chancellor for Athletics Ross Bjork will announce a new hire soon, and hopes are running high that this coach can fill The Pavilion with fans and one day lead the Rebels to a Final Four appearance.

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There’s been talk about Penny Hardaway as a potential Rebel coach and he was no doubt on the list, but the former Memphis Tiger star appears to be headed to his alma mater.

There’s also been talk that former Rebel Mike White isn’t a lost cause even though he said he planned to stay at Florida. But multiple other qualified candidates are in the mix and right now the result is unknown.

One thing we know: It will happen very soon (within days to a couple of weeks) since the Ole Miss season is about to end and a new leader will be required.