Free things still come at a cost

Published 9:24 am Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We have long heard that adage that nothing in life is free.

But maybe things change with the times? That’s undoubtedly what most people have assumed with a myriad of free social and digital services used by the masses, including Facebook and Google.

The goodies from the digital age have almost seemed too good to be true, providing connections, forums and even information right at our fingertips for the simple cost of signing up and using. For hundreds of millions of people, they have simply been too good to avoid.

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But now we are learning that perhaps it was too good to be true. Perhaps Facebook and Google and others have too much control over our lives, and more importantly, our personal information.

The latest report said that Facebook’s Android app was able to siphon off phone calls and text logs from users on Google’s mobile operating system (Android). How far this went is still being investigated, but it’s clear it happened.

The news comes a week after the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook saga became public, revealing that some 50 million user profiles may have been misused relating to privacy issues.

In other words, once you engage in a free forum like Facebook, that information trail you leave about yourself can be used against you.

It’s unfair. But, it’s happening.