Mother enraged over $20K bond for daughter’s alleged assailant

Published 9:00 am Monday, April 16, 2018

In the early morning hours of April 8, an Ole Miss student alleges she was kidnapped and raped by a man she shared an Uber ride with after leaving a party on April 7.

Dustin McGee, 20, of Brandon was arrested on Tuesday, April 10 after the Oxford Police Department took a report from the female student who said that McGee raped and held her against her will following an off-campus house party.

McGee was booked into the Lafayette County Detention Center on a $20,000 bond, ordered by Justice Court Judge Carolyn Bell.

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The amount of the bond — $10,000 for the rape and $10,000 for the kidnapping charge — angered the victim’s mother, whose name is being withheld to protect her daughter’s identity.

“The judge showed she didn’t take this seriously,” the mother said. “But I’m watching. I’m doing my research, and any inadequacies other than the obvious that I find will be made public. I’ll make this a national media issue if I have to.”

Within a few hours of OPD posting McGee’s arrest information and mugshot, other possible victims began to contact the police department.

“We have already had other people reach out with information or (sic) past encounters with McGee. If you have any information please reach out to us. We will listen,” OPD said via Twitter and other social media sites.

OPD Maj. Jeff McCutchen said his department has received two calls from potential other victims.

“We have spoken to a couple of people and of those individuals, one wanted to pursue criminally so we are helping them connect with the appropriate law enforcement agency, and another just wanted some information about resources for victims,” McCutchen said.

The mother told the EAGLE on Sunday that McGee offered to share the Uber ride with her daughter as the two were leaving the party. McGee said he would re-route his ride and have the victim dropped off first, the mother said.

However, when the two arrived at his apartment, McGee said he couldn’t re-route the Uber and invited the victim inside to wait for another Uber to arrive, the mother said.

Once inside McGee’s apartment, the mother said that’s when he began raping her daughter for more than an hour before passing out. The victim ran out of the apartment and hid behind a vehicle in the parking lot of the apartment complex and waited for a ride, the mother said.

The victim went to the health clinic on campus and then,  under the advice of her mother, to Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi where photographs of her injuries were taken by OPD. The photographs, which showed multiple bruises, bite marks and hematomas all over the victim’s body, were presented at McGee’s bond hearing following his arrest.

According to his LinkedIn page, McGee is majoring in theatre and marketing at Ole Miss and is the philanthropy chairman for the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.