Reverse suspension another tool in Oxford School District’s disciplinary toolbox

Published 9:00 am Friday, April 27, 2018

A new tool in the Oxford School District’s disciplinary toolbox might just be a student’s worst nightmare.
A reverse suspension, approved by the Oxford School Board of Trustees this week, will allow parents to shadow their child for the first three periods during the day.
The parent would sit with their child during class and walk with them in the halls between classes. Wherever the student goes, the parent goes.
The new disciplinary action will be made as an option for students who committed an offense that would warrant an in- or out-of-school suspension.
“The parents will be notified and given the option to select the reverse suspension if they don’t want their child to miss class in in-school suspension,” said OSD Superintendent Brian Harvey.
Harvey said he had used this method in the past in other school districts.
“It works,” he said.
Harvey said the district is trying to move away from using out-of-school suspension when possible and instead, use in-school suspension and the reverse suspension.
The recently approved Code of Conduct the use of out-of-school suspension used for the worst infractions, like having a weapon or possession or violent behavior, and when the law requires it.
“Our most needy children do not need to be out of the supervision of adults,” Harvey said. “They need to be corrected. They need to know that we love them and that we have higher standards for behavior than what they are currently showing. Suspension for non-violent acts does not do this.”
Harvey said the district is always looking at new, creative ways to improve student behavior while keeping the student in school where they need to be, and that includes rewarding good behavior.
“All schools are implementing a positive behavior intervention system,” he said, “which looks different depending on the age and grade of the student.”

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