Hughes has the right idea

Published 11:01 am Thursday, May 3, 2018

Oxonian Jay Hughes’ announcement that he will run for Lieutenant Governor is no surprise. Hughes has been an up-and-comer in the Mississippi political arena for several years.

The attorney has made a name for himself, mainly because he is unafraid to call out those that he thinks are holding Mississippi back while also broadcasting his views on what can move the state forward.

Hughes has placed an emphasis on education in his campaign for the State Legislature and, now, for the Lieutenant Governor’s seat. Improving education, in Hughes’ mind, is the key for Mississippi’s future.

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We couldn’t agree more.

The continual underfunding for education and regular over-testing of the children in the state’s public schools system isn’t getting us anywhere. Tax breaks for big business shouldn’t be placed above the needs of Mississippi’s children. Do we really need million dollar deals with corporations to determine what children have learned in the classroom, especially given the lack of resources and certified teachers to provide instruction

To be successful, Mississippi needs to invest in its schools and in the betterment of its children. Education is the first step and, in many ways, the most important one to take.