Where would we be without our mothers?

Published 7:50 pm Saturday, May 12, 2018

We would be nothing without our mothers.

That’s both a literal and figurative statement, of course, since they bring us into the world and nurture us through life.

On this day, we get to honor them for it all.

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Mother’s Day is an annual celebration, but it is one that never grows old because we relish each opportunity to show some extra special appreciation.

From carrying children in the womb to nursing them after birth to being there every step along the way in life after those early days our mothers have undeniably both the hardest job in life and the most rewarding.

When we need something, we call our mothers. When we have something to celebrate, we call our mothers. Some rely on their mothers so much they would be lost without them.

That’s why on this special day we give thanks to God for our mothers and thanks to our mothers for being answered prayers.

Be them young or old or somewhere in between, every mother is special and every mother is loved for the gifts they provide.

Sometimes it’s tough love. Sometimes it’s the tender loving touch. Regardless, it’s always love and that what we love most about our mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day 2018.