Compromise needed in gun control discussion

Published 1:58 pm Saturday, May 19, 2018

It happened again.

Another school shooting. In the aftermath, Americans again ask: Can this be stopped? If so, how?

It always becomes a political issue, fought between those who don’t want to buck the National Rifle Association and those who have been trying to do that very thing for years.

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Most Americans just want the senseless killing to stop. And they want to respect the U.S. Constitution.

That’s why we need to find meaningful dialogue away from Washington’s polarized politics that make talking about this in a smart way so difficult.

We’re not willing to accept that mass school shootings like what happened in Texas on Friday and in Florida in February must become a normal part of our lives in America.

Certainly, there are no easy solutions, nor is there one answer that will satisfy each side in the argument.

That’s why the world’s most intelligent and developed country has yet to solve this problem.

We enjoy our freedoms in America, including the freedom to have schools that are not run like high-security airports and freedom to own firearms.

But even if the solutions are not obvious that does not mean they are not attainable. We not willing to accept that this must be our new normal.

With a bit of compromise, this is a problem that can, and must, be solved.