Oxford 4 precinct to move to Lafayette Civic Club

Published 10:30 am Friday, July 20, 2018

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors on Thursday signed a five-year lease with the Lafayette Civic Club as the new location for the Oxford 4 voting precinct.

The decision took place during a recessed meeting of the supervisors, after it was postponed during their regular bi-monthly meeting on July 16. The precinct lies in the district of Supervisor Chad McLarty, who said the move was initially spurred by a decision from the University of Mississippi.

“The University was gracious in allowing us to use the facility at the old mall to house the Oxford 4 voting precinct,” McLarty said. “At this time, however, they don’t feel like they need to house a political voting precinct.”

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The old mall, also known as the Jackson Avenue Center, housed the precinct on election days for the past few years, he said. Prior to that, Oxford 4 voters went to the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce building.

Finding a space within the precinct’s geographical lines, McLarty said, was no easy feat.

“We struggled to find a precinct place that was adequate to handle a box of that size, 1,500 to 2,000 people,” McLarty said. “I’m glad we have it at the LCC now – it was getting to the point that for a minute there I thought we were going to have to put up a tent.”

Thankfully though, McLarty said no tents will be necessary, as LCC has all the necessary features suited for the job.

John Price, of LCC, said the move will be a good one, especially for those who wish to avoid hectic Jackson Avenue traffic. LCC is located at 14 Tommie Collie Jane Rd., across from Oxford Toyota and behind Krystal.

“I feel like those in the surrounding area will enjoy not having to go to the busy part of town. It’ll be a plus for those who come in from the county,” Price said. “With the building being low to the ground, with no steps, the people who can’t get around too well will especially be benefitted.”

The next state election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 6. McLarty also added that Oxford 4 voters can expect new voter registration cards with the updated precinct address to arrive by mail in coming weeks.

For more information, visit http://lafayettems.com.