Music video by King Twin Rappers to take over the Square

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The King Twin Rappers, Margaret and Kat King, will take over the Square next month to take part in the filming of a music video for a song they wrote.

The Kings requested permission from the Oxford Board of Aldermen to close the inner circle of the Square on Sept 2 and Sept. 30, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. Their song, “Colorblind,” will be recorded by a Nashville artist, they said, and the pair felt Oxford was the perfect place for the video shoot.

“We have written a song that is being recorded by a Nashville artist, and he is going to release it nationwide,” Kat said. “With every great song, there is a music video that goes with it.”

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According to Margaret, the video will also feature community participation, with 200 to 300 people holding hands around the Lafayette County Courthouse, and a drone flying overhead to capture the scene.

“Colorblind,” the twins said, is about respect and diversity.

“It’s about the respect that one person has for another, regardless of skin color,” Margaret said. “That’s why Oxford is such a perfect place to have this music video done, because we believe it is a very diverse community.”

The authors of several books, including “Y’all Twins?” and “Which is Which,” the twins have toured the Southeast with their songs and are especially popular among children of all ages. Both Ole Miss graduates, the twins were born in Vicksburg, but spent their formative years in Oxford.

Mayor Robyn Tannehill endorsed their latest project, saying the song is a positive reflection of the community.

“I’ve gotten the privilege of hearing this song, and it is something that will make everyone in this city proud,” Tannehill said.