Mississippi legislature should create “Durley Bratton law”

Published 6:25 pm Sunday, August 26, 2018

Dear Editor:

The time has come for every Mississippi legislator to sponsor and pass a law entitled “the Durley Bratton law,” which makes it mandatory for all nursing homes operating in the state to install and upkeep video and audio recording devices and digital files for the protection of vulnerable persons residing in said places. Their safety is paramount and far outweighs the privacy claims of establishments trying to hide something. This law should also permit and protect family members to record video and audio footage of any and all incidents where they suspect and/or witness awry behavior perpetrated on vulnerable residents. Digital files could also be useful in state audits to view factual everyday activities.

We are living in a society already videoing our daily lives in every movement we make in the private and public sectors, especially government service buildings. Had this horrendous tragedy been video and audio recorded, the truth would have come to light with immediate corrective actions taken. God-fearing people should be angered because of the deceitfulness! Why shouldn’t the truth of an actual event be recorded? Inaction would only support the condoning of criminal acts against those who can no longer defend themselves and are at the mercy of anyone.

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Mr. Bratton fought in World War II to keep this country as the United States of America for us – let’s honor him for his legacy to us all.

Trusting in God,

Wanda Dendinger

Jayess, Miss.