Oxford Police hold active shooter training includes lessons for concealed carriers

Published 4:25 pm Friday, November 30, 2018

OXFORD – About 20 Oxford residents gathered at the Oxford Police Department for a two-hour active shooter training class, which taught attendees what to do in the event of an active shooter.

The class, led by Captain Alan Ivy, showed video examples, answered questions and ran through how to recognize and act if a situation occurs.

Ivy also ran through what a citizen who concealed carrying a firearm should do.

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During the class, Ivy taught the attendees to avoid the disaster, to deny that it might be anything else and defend themselves if absolutely necessary.

If a citizen is concealed carrying a firearm, they should still abide by those three lessons. Ivy said concealed carrying citizens are allowed to protect themselves, but that’s where it should stop.

“What I stressed to them is that with concealed carry, you still avoid, you deny, you defend,” Ivy said. “You’re not compelled, like we are, to go after this threat.”

During the class Ivy addressed that, in an active shooter situation, a person should have the mindset to find anything that could be makeshift weapon, this includes a concealed carry firearm.

He also stated explicit directions for concealed carrying citizens if they see an officer at the scene of an active shooting. Those concealed carrying weapons should put their hands up, identify themselves as a concealed carrier and inform officers where the firearm is.

“You’re compelled to protect yourself and your family, that’s all this is,” he said.

During the class, Ivy showed there were 242 active events across the United States from 2001 to 2016. Of these 242 events – which include attacks with a gun, knife or vehicle – concealed carrying citizens stopped only eight.

Ivy also taught that citizens should approach buildings differently as well. Instead of just walking into to a public place, citizens should note how many exits there are and how they can approach them.

He also stressed that breaking rules is okay in threatening situations. Specifically, it’s okay to break a window in order to escape a dangerous situation, because that would allow a citizen to stay alive.

Ivy showed videos about the Columbine and Virginia Tech school shootings, as well as a video about a fire at a nightclub in order orchestrate a point about being aware of a building’s exits.

OPD will hold another active shooter class on December 20.

“I hope you learned something,” Ivy said at the end of the class, “and I hope you never have to use any of it.”