Crime reports: Christmas week features decline in DUI arrests

Published 2:51 pm Monday, December 31, 2018

For the second straight week, Oxford Police posted almost two-dozen arrests, however this included a decline in DUIs.

According to a compilation of media releases from OPD, police made 21 arrests during the week of the 24th, the same amount of arrests made during the week of the 17th.

Of those arrests, only two were DUIs, which is a decline from the six DUI arrests police made the week of the 17th.

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Most of the recorded crime took place over the holiday weekend. During the last two days of the week, OPD made two public drunk arrests.

OPD totaled four public drunk arrests for the week, which made public drunkenness the highest-arrested crime in the week of the 24th.

OPD also issued 132 tickets and recorded 31 accidents, which was lower than the 157 tickets and 40 accidents recorded last week.