Oxford Police almost record double-digit arrests DUIs over New Years

Published 9:48 am Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Oxford Police Department was busy on New Year’s Eve, as police arrests for DUIs almost ranged in the double digits.

According to a media release, OPD arrested eight residents between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day for DUI 1sts. Five of those arrests also had other violations attached to them.

Three of the arrests were for DUI 1sts. Other arrests included a DUI 1st with Careless Driving and No Insurance, DUI 1st with Child Endangerment and a DUI 1st with speeding.

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“OPD will have extra officers out tonight looking for impaired drivers,” Oxford Police tweeted from its Twitter account on December 31. “Please do not drive if you have been drinking!”

That two-day total nearly equaled the DUI total for the two weeks of December 17th and December 24th. Those two weeks had nine total DUI arrests from December 17th to December 31st.

Along with the DUI arrests, there were also three arrests for Possession of Paraphernalia. Two of those arrests also included speeding.

OPD also 58 tickets issued and reported six accidents over the aforementioned two-day span.