Police total highest arrest count in three-week span

Published 3:45 pm Friday, January 11, 2019

Oxford Police totaled a three-week high for arrests during the week of January 7, with public drunkenness arrests having the highest count.

According to OPD media releases, police made 30 arrests this week, which was higher than the previous week totals of 27 for the week of December 31st and 21 for the week of December 24th.

Majority of this week’s arrest came during the weekend and Monday, where police arrested 18 people. The rest of the week’s releases, for Tuesday through Thursday, detailed only 12 arrests.

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Police made the most arrests for public drunkenness throughout the week, as OPD made seven Public Drunk arrests. The next highest count was for possession of paraphernalia, as OPD arrested six for possession.

The week did feature a decrease in DUI arrests, as the week of December 31st boasted eight DUI arrests. There were only four during the week of January 7th.

There were also 38 accidents reported and 153 tickets issues this week.