Supervisor’s race now becoming a crowded ballot

Published 11:24 am Monday, January 21, 2019

With more names qualifying for the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors race, the upcoming primary election on August 6 is becoming more significant.

Currently, there are 17 names in the County Supervisors race among all the districts, including the incumbents.

Last week, Districts 2 and 3 both had four qualified names apiece. On the newest list of qualified candidates, there are now six names in both districts.

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The newest names in District 2 are Maxwell Hill and Darryl L. Booker, who are both running as Democratic candidates. Along with Hill and Booker, there are three other Democratic candidates – Ava Halon Bonds Gossett, J.E. Neilson, Leslie Spence – running for the District 2 seat.

Larry Gillespie is currently the only Republican candidate running for District 2.

The race for the District 3 seat is much more evenly split, as there are three Democrats candidates, two Republicans candidates and now an Independent candidate in the race.

Davii Jo Chinault notified The EAGLE on Thursday that she qualified as the newest Republican candidate in District 3. She’ll be campaigning against the incumbent David Rikard.

Lakeisha Borum is the only independent candidate running for a supervisor seat, and she is running for the District 3 seat as well.

The only other newest candidate that qualified was Scott Allen in District 4, who is running against the incumbent Chad McLarty. Both McLarty and Allen are running as Democratic candidates.

Assuming all candidates that have qualified in their respective districts remain in the race, they will compete against each other in the August 6 primary. This race will determine what candidate from a specific party is the preferred candidate, and will advance to the general election.

The general election for all county offices will be held on November 5.