Aldermen to re-write land codes pertaining to banners

Published 7:34 pm Monday, January 28, 2019

The Board of Aldermen concluded it would re-write specific land development codes to limit and define banners in residential areas.

This discussion was a continuation from the Planning Commission’s debate in December, and the board would re-write certain parts to include banning bed sheets for use as a banner.

The Aldermen also strictly defined the difference between a flag and a banner. Specifically, a flag is a piece of cloth with symbols on it that is being stood up with a flagpole.

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A banner is a cloth with symbols or text on it that’s being flown with out the use of a pole.

While discussing potential changes, other specific codes and laws were brought up the Aldermen were unaware of, such as a $25 banner fee to fly commercial banners on a business.

This reinforced the idea that regulating banners would be a complicated matter.

The current code also states banners are limited to 20 square feet. Commercial banners are required to be fixed to a building and be made of material that’s able to withstand weather, remain intact and suitable for public display.

The central issue surrounding banners stemmed from certain banners that were flown during the football season, which included vulgar language directed at an opposing football coach.

It was mentioned later in the discussion that banning bed sheets as homemade banners was an option, and the board favored that opinion.